AAC Topics de Frontiers “Relevance in Education: Individuals as Navigators of Dynamic Information Landscapes”

Relevance in Education: Individuals as Navigators of Dynamic Information Landscapes
The fast-paced social and technological changes of the past decade have revolutionized information access for individuals. While this has empowered people to efficiently acquire information, it has also placed the responsibility on them to determine its truthfulness, reliability, and relevance to their goals. In today’s information societies, navigating dynamic information landscapes has become a daily challenge. However, it seems that individuals may not possess the necessary information-processing skills to effectively tackle this challenge.
The rise of fake news, the seduction of voters by populist movements, and the antivaccination backlash are alarming indicators that individuals lack the ability to discern, evaluate, and act upon the relevance of available information. While truthfulness and reliability have garnered significant attention, the role of education in supporting individuals in determining goal relevance has been somewhat overlooked.
Relevance is a nuanced and ever-changing aspect of information. It varies over time, in relation to past decision-making, and in response to internal and external factors. Determining the relevance of information often happens intuitively, without explicit reflection. However, the educational context across the lifespan has yet to fully explore how individuals establish, apply, and evaluate the relevance of information.
We invite experts in psychology, education, language, neuroscience, and digital humanities to contribute to a Research Topic aimed at bridging the gap between research on the goal-oriented use of information and educational practice. This platform will facilitate the connection between existing research, recent developments, and real-world applications.
We encourage rigorous and cutting-edge contributions that address the following themes:
1️⃣ Determining Goal Relevance: Explore how learners assess the relevance of information to their goals and objectives.
2️⃣ Proficiency Development: Investigate the development and changes in individuals’ ability to judge relevance or irrelevance throughout their lifespan.
3️⃣ Teaching Practices: Examine how teaching practices can support the development of proficiency in relevance/irrelevance judgments.
Contributions should explicitly establish the link between the specific topic, the broader context of information societies, and educational practice. We welcome original research, reviews, and theoretical articles that shed light on this crucial intersection.
Join us in shaping the future of education and information literacy. Submit your insightful contributions to this Research Topic and help empower individuals to navigate the complexities of the information age. Together, let’s equip learners with the essential skills they need to thrive in our rapidly evolving world.
Note: The deadline for abstract submission is 03/07/2023. Original research, as well as reviews and theoretical articles, are equally encouraged.

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