Appel à contributions (chapitres) pour un projet d’ouvrage en anglais sur les amitiés intergroupes et la réduction des préjugés dans les écoles multiethniques

Intergroup Friendships and Prejudice Reduction in Multiethnic Schools: Psychological,
Sociological and Pedagogical Research and Theory

Book Aims
European cities and schools are increasingly diverse spaces in which children of different racial and ethnic backgrounds, interact daily. These racially, ethnically, linguistically, and culturally diverse spaces can be either ideal for positive intergroup contact and prejudice reduction or deleterious to it based on the ways that spaces and interactions are supported and structured. Thus, this coedited book aims to tackle the important study of the psychological and sociological conditions, as well as the pedagogical interventions that can shape interactions among young people. Employing a theoretical framework of intergroup contact theory, we will contribute to important conversations in the fields of psychology and sociology of education in the European context related to how intergroup friendships contribute to prejudice reduction in an increasingly multiethnic society and how to create the optimal conditions for these to relationships to grow and be maintained. Chapters will include conceptual articles on intergroup contact theory, intergroup dialogue, intercultural education and prejudice reduction as well as chapters by authors highlighting the latest research on the topic.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to reviews, research and conceptual articles on:
Theoretical Foundations: Psychological and Sociological Tought on Intergroup Contact Theory and Intergroup Friendships

Factors that lead to Intergroup Friendship and Factors that Mitigate these Relationships

Intergroup Friendships and Prejudice Reduction in Community Spaces

Intergroup Friendships and Prejudce Reduction in School Contexts

The Promise of Intercultural Education: Dialogue Towards Meaningful Intergroup Relationships

Intergroup Dialogue and Intergroup Friendships

Please send your book chapter proposals by January 6, 2023 to
Chapter abstracts should be between 250350 words.

Along with your chapter abstract submission, please send an author biography no
longer than 150 words.

Key Dates:
Chapter Proposals due by January 6, 2023

Notification of Acceptance for Book Chapters by March 6, 2023

First Draft of Chapters due by June 10, 2023

Chapter authors receive reviews by August 30, 2023

Final Revised Chapters due by January 6, 2024

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