The Fourteenth International Conference on e-Learning and Innovative Pedagogies

A conference organized by the e-Learning and Innovative Pedagogies Research Network and the University of the Aegean (Rhodes)


To support the range of options, and flexibility needed in our current climate, we will offer a blended conference experience. You do not need to commit either to a place-based or virtual presentation at the time of submission. You can present both ways or change your mode of the presentation if your preferences change. The choice to participate virtually could also be a moral decision – for the planet, for security, or when the financial burden of travel is too great. We seek to foster spaces that align with principles of social justice and community development — particularly in difficult times.

Place: Online + University of the Aegean, Rhodes, Greece
Format: A mix of live, pre-recorded, and in person (at scale that’s allowed) presentations and social interaction spaces.
Host: University of the Aegean, Rhodes, Greece
Dates: 5-6 May 2021


The e-Learning and Innovative Pedagogies Research Network is brought together around a common concern for new technologies in learning and an interest to explore possibilities for innovative pedagogies. We seek to build an epistemic community where we can make linkages across disciplinary geographic and cultural boundaries. We invite proposals addressing one of the following themes or special focus:

Special Focus – « Transcending Social Distance: Emerging Practices in e-Learning »
Theme One – Considering Digital Pedagogies
Theme Two – New Digital Institutions and Spaces
Theme Three – Technologies of Mediation
Theme Four – Designing Social Transformations

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